Bringing warmth, simplicity, and order to ideas that seem too hard to express and too large to grasp is my passion. I'm so grateful for every opportunity and for everyone who has helped me to express my passion through design.

Thank you.

Harris Tech Expo

Design & Development

Harris Technology Expo

Family Drama

Book Cover Design

Family Drama by Dr. Gary L. Williams, Sr.

Availity Registration

UX Design

Availity Registration

3-D Bottle Rendering

3D Rendering

Donna Karen Cashmere

First Gravehill Baptist Church

Website Design & Development

First Gravel Hill Baptist Church

Journey Happy Photography

Website Design & Development

Journey Happy Photography

Availity Account Dashboard

UX Design

Availity Web Portal Account Dashboard

Abundant Life Today

Website Design

AbundantLife.Today Blog

Brown Bear

Book Illustration

Brave Brown Bear Cares

First Baptist Church of Mandarin

Logo Design

First Baptist Church of Mandarin Logo Contest

Nemours Mansion and Garden

Website Design & Development

Nemours Mansion & Garden

Nemours TeamShare

Info Architecture, Design & Development

Nemours TeamShare

Healthy Kids Healthy Future

UI Development

Let's Move Initiative - Healthy Kids Healthy Futures

Quiet Strong Website

Website Design & Development

Quiet Strong

Harris Archive

UX Design & Development

Harris Corporation - Internet Archive


To empathize with those I'm designing for, I use the following research techniques:

  • Card Sorting
  • Expert Reviews
  • Field Studies
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Persona Creation
  • Surveys
  • Usability Testing


In order to come up with as many ideas as possible as quickly as possible I like to:

  • Ask a lot of questions.
  • Involve others from various backgrounds.
  • Never dismiss ideas.
  • Leverage research.
  • Use pen and paper, white boards, sticky notes to quickly sketch out ideas.


I'm blessed to have a background in both development and design. I can monitor the success of my design by:

  • Wireframing and user testing
  • Prototyping and user testing
  • Coding and adding analytics tracking
  • Gathering feedback using surveys and in-person interviews


With every day that passes, I learn something new from the world around me, those I work with and the clients I serve. Here are the work experiences that have influenced me as a designer.